I am excited to be your guide to an abundant life, to get to know you in order to give you that guidance in ways that are unique to you, and to pour our hearts and ingenuity into our work together.

I want my clients to understand who I am because I am passionate about sharing my zest for life with others. Being a Master Certified Feng Shui Expert with the International Feng Shui School, I have harmonized the elements of my education, experience, and authentic self.

My education includes my Master Feng Shui certification as well as a bachelors' degree in Child and Family Development from the University of Georgia. Other studies I have completed are graduate level work in Counseling and a Psych-K Facilitator Certification.

My professional experiences are in both the public and private sector ranging from teaching to real estate. Along the way, life-long interests in interior design, architecture, and landscape design, integrated with my intuitive, genuine care and support for others, are what led me to Feng Shui. My professional goal now is to help my clients create and maintain a supportive physical environment to invite life changes for the better through Feng Shui, an ancient science using the natural elements to enable flow of life force.